Man ReInvented


Anticipate the future, but don’t forget to live in the now because what you do now will determine the future.

-Tony Aponte


Embracing A New You

Have you been struggling to make any progress since you’ve been released? Are you motivated to build a positive life but it seems all cards are stacked against you? Well, this eBook has been written just for you. This short guide will provide you with the steps to position yourself in a manner where you CAN move forward and start to live a life with purpose.

My Mission

It is my mission to motivate and inspire men that have paid the price for their mistakes and are driven to restore their personal responsibility and accountability in manhood. To harness the Hustle mentality they already have for a new positive mission forward. To be inspired and inspire others through entrepreneurship, pride, hope, and support.

Who is


Tony Aponte is just like every other guy out there…been through ups and downs in life that at times may seem to be more than one person can handle.

However, Tony’s always been able to bounce back and not let his past control what he does. He usually finds the positive and builds on that.

Life is never easy, but its how we handle life’s curve balls that determine your true character.

Tony has always believed that he who has the inner and outer strength to find success, he has the ability to make any challenge a distant memory.