Best Books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The Unlimited Self



We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. However, there always comes that speed bump that stops us. That bump is our limiting beliefs. There always seems to be that small seed of doubt that keeps us from going all in. And this book goes into this and how to get past that belief and how to go after your dreams with no limits.

I have been enjoying this book and encourage you to read this if you are struggling with the inner battle of “I can’t do this.”


The Power of Broke

There are tons of stories out there of individuals that have come from the bottom and have succeeded in life. This book is no different. The Power of Broke is a great testimonial that if you have the will, it can be done even if you have nothing to start with.

How To Make Sh*T Happen

We live in a world where everyone talks about succeeding in life however, no one wants to do the work. This book just plain tells it how it is. You have to take action in order to make any type of progress.  If you are struggling to find the energy to do what it takes, read this book and it will light the fire in you. 

The Mask of Masculanity

We have always lived in a world where men are to be strong and never show emotion. They are the pillars that hold the house together. However, this has caused an epidemic of men that no longer are able to show their true feelings, what they truly believe in, and what makes them happy. This book covers the many masks men carry around to live in this facade of a world. This book is definitely a must read for all men.

Start With Why

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been able to make headway in your endeavor? Have you not been able to really tie into what drives you to work towards success? How big is you WHY? This is one of the key elements in making any type of progress in your endeavor to succeed. A great book to get you to figure out and understand your WHY!